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Week of May 24th

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Simone Biles still making history

Biles made history as the first female to perform the Yurchenko double pike during a competition. She’s wow-ing us already… and the Olympics haven’t even started yet.

Gen Z’s fave alt-milk rockets on IPO

Oatly racked up the cash on their IPO last week. With higher numbers of climate-conscious Gen Zers opting for alt-milks, oat milk has consolidated its rank as the most environmentally friendly milks – taking 80% less land than cow’s milk and less water than other alt-milks.

⏫ This vocal powerhouse comes out as non-binary

Demi Lovato revealed that they’re non-binary this week, and we cheered as they said it allowed them to feel ‘authentic and true to the person’ they are. We’re welcoming this news as Instagram rolled out their super helpful pronouns feature recently!

Gen Z finds this a Dunkin’ waste

This viral TikTok video showed what happens to all the leftover donuts at a Dunkin’ store – we’re mad that there’s so much waste.

⏬ Papa John step away from TikTok, thanks!

The 59-year-old disgraced Papa John founder responded to a Gen Zer’s TikTok with a cringe-inducing wink. Safe to say we were creeped out!

⏬ The James Charles persona non-grata saga continues

After beauty influencer James Charles was dropped by make-up brand Morphe and YouTube series Instant Influencer, it was revealed this week that nascent popstar Bella Poarch also dropped his cameo from her debut music video, “Build A B*tch.” The quick pivots occurred after the popular beauty influencer admitted to messaging underage boys.

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