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Week of Oct 25th

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⏫ Who’s hosting the most eco-friendly world tour?

Coldplay is making history as they plan the most sustainable and eco-aware tour ever. A show powered by bikes, sets made of bamboo, only using sustainable travel methods, and planting a tree for every ticket they sell: it’s a total Gen Z fantasy.

⏫ Here’s a new day to X in the calendar…

Lil Nas X has been given his own day of commemoration in Atlanta. The Gen Z icon’s cultural impact in just two years has granted him legendary status having only released one album. His star power, cultural nous, and expertise in the internet world will keep him relevant. We can’t wait to keep seeing it!

⏫ Is Cardi P a thing now?!

Cardi B and Penn Badgley changed their social media profile pictures to each other in the most randomest exchange. It came after the You star mentioned Cardi in an interview and she tweeted in excitement. Will Cardi B the new fascination in season 4 of the hit series? We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

‘Troubled teen industry’ taken on by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has spoken up about the injustices within teen social care and education, advocating for clear rights for young people and a duty of care towards them. The star also urged the President to take action. She’s fighting for the most voiceless Gen Zers – good on you, Paris!

⏬ Harry Styles has a rollercoaster of a week

Harry Styles was criticized by Billy Porter this week but also announced as a Marvel character – a rollercoaster indeed. Porter voiced his frustration at Styles’ Vogue cover where he was lauded as the first male to be the magazine’s cover star, wearing a dress to mark the occasion. Porter was frustrated that Styles used it as a moment or a style (pardon the pun!), whereas he was pushing non-binary clothing for years and was torn down for it. It’s less about gatekeeping and more about acknowledgment.

⏬ Humanoid AI artist faces accusations of spying!

Ai-Da, the humanoid robot, was detained by Egyptian authorities who thought the lifelike figure was a spy with her camera eyes. Its creator noted that the whole point of Ai-Da’s existence is to highlight the troubles of technology, yet she was being detained for that very reason. Surely she’d appreciate the irony!

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