Let us say it again: Stop! Greenwashing! Products! SHEIN and Zara, within a few weeks of each other, have both launched resale platforms, providing services for repairs (in Zara’s case) and reselling or donating unwanted items (for both brands). Their reasoning? Rather than aiming to protect the environment, fast fashion companies are aiming to placate environmental activists and earn a percentage of sales. And, (not) coincidentally, SHEIN’s platform was launched *literally* the day “Untold: Inside the SHEIN Machine,” a movie documenting the incredible labor abuses happening in stores, was released on Channel 4. Workers make around $500 every month and 500 garments per day in 16+-hour shifts. The Business of Fashion reports over 100 large fashion brands using resale platforms. With TikTok diverging between ethically questionable hundreds-of-dollars SHEIN haulers (see Bre Socker) and frustrated fast fashion critics (see Karishma), its important for Gen Z to unite under opposing the environmental and labor impacts mega fast fashion brands have on our world. Venetia La Manna, featured in the documentary, sums it up perfectly: “Without a commitment to producing fewer garments, we have an ever-increasing amount of fossil fuel derived clothing, made by people who aren’t earning a fair living wage, leaving more citizens feeling deflated after the dopamine hit of a new purchase has worn off, with the garments shedding microfibres into our oceans and waterways, heading to landfill and polluting communities in the Global South, all so the greedy CEOs and top executives can make a quick buck.” 

Since our spotlight on Rihanna last month, she’s been “work, work, work, work, work”ing her bum off! The star announced “Savage x Fenty Volume 4” on October 14 to a futuristic theme, releasing a list of performers on October 25. Gen Zers Ángela Aguilar, Avani Gregg, Bella Poarch, and Marsai Martin are some of the featured members. Rihanna also has some of our favorites: Simu Liu, Don Tolliver, and Taraji P. Henson, to name some. Sizes range from XS-4X for clothing and up to 42H in bras. Young people’s online reactions were excitement at the incredible cast and mock jealousy for those performing. princess azula on Twitter wrote, “idk what and idk howwwww imma do it, but i gotta be in the next fenty show.” A common sentiment was surprise at Lilly Singh’s role, as she was a popular YouTube comedian in the early 2010s. One user jokingly asked, “what year is it?” Rihanna also announced her first song in six years, “Lift Me Up.” The song will be in the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” movie, challenged with outperforming the 2018 movie’s stellar album. On the Instagram announcement, which has almost 50,000 comments, RiRi saw nothing but love. Mr. Checkpoint commented, “10/28 is about to be a holiday,” while Hayden Williams said, “She’s baaacckkkkk (but she never really left).” All I can say: “please don’t stop the music,” Rihanna! 

In a step in the right direction against fast fashion, ~the~ Leonardo DiCaprio is backing a new footwear company, LØCI. The 1-year-old brand is entirely vegan, using recycled ocean plastics to make shoes, and donates 10% of profits to preserving wildlife. Every pair saves 20 plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. The startup has secured $4.6 million in funding, in part from DiCaprio. LØCI’s CEO announced it’s, “about more than footwear; [they] exist to make a difference and are delighted to have Leo on that journey.” For DiCaprio, an actor in the eco-existentialist movie “Don’t Look Up” and a climate advocate, the announcement on Twitter faced much positive reception. Users called him a “role model” and congratulated his “wise investment.” With 55% of Gen Z shopping from socially and environmentally conscious brands, this decision makes young people love DiCaprio even more. Though that may just be because of how he looked in the 90s… 

To add yet another awards ceremony to the year, the British Fashion Council awards are being hosted on December 5. The Fashion Awards bring together creatives, designers, and models to celebrate culture and style in London’s Royal Albert Hall. The BFC is a non-profit organization that supports British rising fashion through grants and mentoring. Some of those nominated include Bella Hadid, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, and Molly Goddard. This year marks a change, as the BFC replaced the separate menswear, womenswear, and accessories categories with one “Designer of the Year” award. However, they also introduced the “Independent British Brand” section, something fashion lovers across the internet have supported. @_sprvingxbums Tweeted, “This is my attitude for the BFC awards” with a GIF of Issa Rae saying, “I’m rooting for everybody Black.” To engage Gen Z, the BFC uses its BFCNEWGEN brand and accounts and BFC Scholars scholarships for BA and MA fashion students. After an exciting month of fashion weeks globally, this will be an award to look out for. 

Over 25 years after Princess Diana Spencer’s untimely death, her style is still relevant. With the trailer for the new season of “The Crown” released on October 20, which will focus on the monarchy in the 1990s, discussions over the “revenge dress” and the princess are at a high. Madison Vandenthillart featured Spencer in her “cool girl style” TikTok series, and young people have tried to replicate her street fashion in their everyday wear. Beyond being great outfits, Spencer’s fashion represented timeless pieces — some, like the “revenge dress,” subverting the power of the monarchy over her life. For a generation who have become incredibly disconnected from royal loyalty, she is both a cultural and fashion icon. #princessdiana has 9.6 billion views on TikTok, with videos ranging from sweet moments from the Princess to edits of her post-divorce comeback. Stars like Hailey Bieber have also referenced Spencer through photoshoots. The Princess will always be a queen in our hearts! 


✨ For fashionistas looking to show off an outfit, use this transition sound from “The Cleveland Show.” Users have documented the angle of photography that works for them, GRWM videos, and Halloween costumes. 

✨ Halloween may be over, but there is still time to capitalize on the spooky spirit! To participate in this Instagram trend, post a “Spirit Halloween” costume customized with something decidedly not costume-worthy. Joe Cunningham posted an “outdated politician” to call out his political opponent, Henry McMaster, while Internship Girl made an “overachieving oldest daughter.” 

✨ Keeping with the Halloween theme, this sound seems to appear every time we hit October 1. This is a sped-up version of “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell. Check it out here

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These statistics are some of the many housed in The Business of Fashion and JUV’s “Gen Z and Fashion in the Age of Realism” report. To learn more, check out this link.

Harmonie Ramsden