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Week of March 22nd

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Gen Z unequivocally saying #StopAsianHate…

#StopAsianHate has been trending on social media for a few weeks now, but it’s even more pertinent to reaffirm that this week. Words have consequences, and we must all be careful.

WTF is an NTF and how is Gen Z into it now?

The world has gone wild for NFTs. With Nathan Apodca AKA Skateboarding Ocean Spray Dreams guy selling that viral TikTok video as an NFT, Gen Z is all about it.

⏫ Addison Rae, only a TikTok Star? You’ve got it wrong!

Addison Rae is going for her singing career by releasing her single Obsessed this week, which was mixed by superstar producer Benny Blanco. The era of multi-hyphenate is here to stay, and now it’s Gen Z’s turn.

The case against David Dobrik… 

David Dobrik published a video on YouTube titled ‘Let’s Talk’ in response to the rising number of allegations made against him. The once unassailable Gen Z icon is losing his popularity quick and has even left Dispo, the popular app he co-founded. Here’s the timeline of what’s been happened.

⏬ Throwing back to those 2016 make-up looks 

TikTok is ablaze with 2016 vs 2021 make-up comparisons. It’s Glam vs Faux Natural… which one do you prefer?

We’re not rating Kylie Jenner at all…

Kylie Jenner shared a GoFundMe for her make-up artist who was injured in a car crash. When it emerged that she had only donated $5,000, Gen Zers weren’t happy, especially with the fact the multi-millionaire spends much more on designer shoes and handbags.

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