This Week’s Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of February 15th

How is it already half-way through February? Fresh off of Valentine’s Weekend, JUV is looking ahead at the digital trends that will dominate the week. Want these trends sent directly to your inbox? Sign up for The Screenshot, our weekly Gen Z insights newsletter.

Know what Dispo is?

Dispo is David Dobrik’s new app for disposable-style pics… Gen Z’s love for the retro look really has gone wild with the waiting list for the app beta growing!

Naomi Osaka, Grand Slam winner and protector of butterflies?

Naomi found herself a winged partner at the Australian Open. She paused the match to gently put the butterfly down… it’s so adorable to watch!

You heard of Sea Shanty TikTok, now it’s all about Pirate-core…

Pirate-core is giving Gen Z the opportunities to live our Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy except it’s waaaay cooler.

Will this TikTok trend cause a Feta cheese shortage?

Gen Z embraced this quick-to-make tomato and feta dish, though when it initially went viral in Finland stores were out of feta. Stock up, people!

Stuck on a cat filter during a court trial?

A Texan lawyer had to clarify he’s ‘not a cat’ as he struggled to change his Zoom filter in this hilarious clip… If you’ve watched it already, watch it again!

Gen Z really is the generation of authenticity with this trending hashtag…

#NotAPerfectPerson has half a billion views on TikTok and growing… we know we’re flawed humans but we’re owning it in style.

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