Trend University: The Gen Z Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Welcome to Trend University, your quick crash course on Gen Z trends, taught by Professor Sophia Delrosario, Insights Strategist. Last week, we fangirled over Asian style influencers, called out SNL’s problematic Gen Z skit, and hated people who work at the bank. (Missed last week’s lecture? Catch up!)

Here’s this week’s lecture about the latest TikTok videos, memes, and lifestyle trends!


Mosaic Challenge

Have you ever developed a habit or done something a certain way due to someone else’s influence? People share these kinds of stories about their best friend, mom, and more through this latest TikTok trend. IMO, it’s super wholesome and refreshing. 

YT Girl” Dance

Teens poke fun at the stereotype of white girls dancing at the club, from the classic “hair-wash” move to running your hands up and down your neck. While we all make fun of it, we can’t help but dance along…

RIP THAT… [insert movie quote here]

Honestly, who needs theaters and streaming services when we have this trend? Clock app users put their own cinematic spin on the “I’m getting ripped tonight” audio by doing the dance, and then recite an iconic movie quote line.

Meme Culture

Baby burning on the floor SIMs Meme

Not now, sweetie, Mom’s busy! This reaction image shows when you’re only focused on an Internet current event, and TBH, it sums up Gen Z’s attention span (and our possible parenting styles) pretty well.

Everyone got cast in Knives Out 2!”

Twitter users make witty jokes resembling the many announcements of several actors being cast in the Rian Johnson sequel. Announcements include Jason Derulo, Donald Duck, and more. (I guess this is the perfect place to announce that I, Sophia, will also be joining the cast of Knives Out 2.)


Dear Evan Hansen Movie Trailer Drops!

The trailer for the movie musical based on the Broadway smash hit dropped, and people are talking about star Ben Platt’s new (faux) hair and how the 37-yo actor doesn’t exactly resemble a high school character.

good 4 u

Olivia Rodrigo channels Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and Jennifer’s Body in her new pop-punk song. Her debut performance on SNL, where she performed the song, allows for angsty female teen expression and proves the 17-year-old songwriter is here to stay.

Demi Lovato comes out as non-binary!

The singer and former child Disney Star recently came out as non-binary and updated to gender-neutral pronouns of they/them. Demi shared this on their podcast, 4D, and them stepping into their truth will help so many other young people find their own. ❤️


Blindly chopping off your ponytail?!

I’m pretty sure all of the professional hairstylists are going ‘SMH’ at this trend… but Gen Z is nothing if not totally daring. Teens are holding their tied hair straight up, going at it with a scissor, and giving themselves shag haircuts!

Asian Street Style

This trend is evergreen and will possibly never lose it’s flair, but is definitely a highlight for AAPI month! Slo-mo walking montages of the hip, effortless street fashion in China, Japan, Korea, and more serve as lookbooks, fit inspo, and a display of Asian culture for teens everywhere. 

“Kiss Me More” Fit Check!

Caught dipping with your friend, you ain’t even have man lying on ya – *ding!* 🎶 This TikTok audio by SZA and Doja Cat is perfect if you want to transition from a more natural outfit to your ‘going out look’.

Current Events

Mask Mandate: To Lift or Not to Lift?

The CDC and President Biden announced that fully vaccinated Americans no longer have to wear masks. However, some states are still requiring it, leading to confrontations like #CostcoJason and Ricky Shroder. (I think Gen Z is keeping the masks ON.)

Teens can trade stocks now… honestly, why not?

Fidelity is allowing 13-17 year olds to open investing accounts, which can either honestly be a huge mistake or a great learning experience. My mom even texted me this morning telling me to become a stock broker (#nothanks, stocks are not for me!)

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Sophia Delrosario is the Director of Insights at JUV. She is also the founder and executive director of Zenerations (@zenerations on Instagram).