Vine Member

Job Description: The Vine is a network of youth who are the principal people of contact for prototype testing and feedback, opinions and perspectives on trends, potential focus groups, school outreach programs, brand ambassadorship opportunities. Members of the vine have the opportunity to interact with companies and organizations to ensure their voice is heard, contribute the JUV Consulting's research data base, be featured on our social media, and connect with other cool youth from across the world. 

Qualifications: Generation Z member (Ages 14-22), able to respond to emails within 48 hours.

Location: Remote

Perks: Through being on the vine, you will have access to professional development programs (mentorship, academic advising, webinars, etc.), opportunities for young people (summer programs, internships, jobs, etc.), and potentially some free swag/prizes that companies may offer through our surveys. 

Time Commitment: Maximum 30 minutes/week