VSCO Reveals That Fenty Is the Most Inclusive Brand of 2020

HYPEBEASTVSCO, in partnership with JUV Consulting, has just released its “Year in Review ” report for the year 2020. Taking a look at its Gen Z users (75% of VSCO’s 100 million registered users are under 25.) the survey dissects VSCO’s data and breaks it down into interesting findings across a number of categories.

During this challenging year, many spent their efforts pursuing creative projects while investing more time in self-care. Spanning across content creation, photography, fashion, beauty, art, culture, entertainment, wellness, and social activism, some of the information on VSCO’s user habits can be found below:

When asked what was most important in helping them get through 2020:
-34% said finding ways to be creative (e.g. Through baking, tie-dying, photography, playing music, drawing, experimenting with makeup, writing, etc.)
-32% said finding ways to stay connected with family and friends (e.g. With Zoom calls, FaceTiming, texting, spending time on social media)
-19% said finding ways to practice self-care, (e.g. Through staying rested, exercising, creative rituals, spending time outside)
-14% said finding ways to be politically active, (e.g. With protesting, phone banking/text banking, writing letters to voters)

When asked what they invested in to bring joy and positivity to their lives in 2020, Gen Z said:
-59% spent money on clothes
-57% spent money on skincare products
-44% spent money on entertainment/streaming services
-30% spent money on social media apps
-28% spent money on art/crafting supplies

When asked what fashion and beauty brands they think are the most inclusive and representative, Gen Z said:
-Fenty (44%)
-Savage X Fenty (29%)
-Aerie (29%)

We also asked Gen Z what beauty and fashion items they couldn’t live without in 2020 – with skin care taking top priority:
-Moisturizer (44%)
-Face wash (43%)
-Face masks (25%)

When asked what they’ve spent money on to find more joy or positivity, Gen Z focused mostly on food, clothes, skincare, and entertainment:
-65% said food/dining
-59% said clothes
-57% said skincare products
-44% said entertainment/streaming services
-42% said tech gadgets
-36% said day trips with friends
-34% said stay-at-home activities like game nights/cooking/movie nights with friends
-30% said social media apps

In 2021, these are the top cultural tendencies Gen Z wants to see less of:
-Cancel culture (24%)
-Violence (22%)
-Performative activism (19%)

The top brands/companies Gen Z most want to work for were:
-Google (18%)
-Apple (8%)
-Fenty (8%)

Those interested in seeing VSCO’s full findings can head over to the dedicated page. In other tech news, the FTC orders nine social media platforms to explain how they collect and use personal information.

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