Want Gen Z in love with your brand? We have tips!

The Screenshot: Week of February 8th

Hi there! We know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we’re still feeling the love… here’s your TL;DR: Pirate-core; What’s Dispo; Gen Z cause feta cheese shortage; The meaning of Gassed, and how can you make Gen Z fall in love with your brand?


Trend upwards Know what Dispo is? Gen Z is all over it…

Trend upwards  Naomi Osaka, Grand Slam winner and protector of butterflies?

Trend upwards  You heard of Sea Shanty TikTok, now it’s all about Pirate-core…

  A TikTok trend causing a Feta cheese shortage?!

  Stuck on a cat filter during a court trial – this has 2020 written all over it!

  Gen Z really is the generation of authenticity with this trending hashtag…

A to Gen Z

Gassed / Gen Z lingo / 

1. When you’re deliriously happy.

2. Being so joyful you could be mistaken for being on laughing gas.

3. Imported from UK street slang, alternatively, in a US context it simply means ‘good’.

Gen Z Group Chat

JUV exists to give you a look into the wonderful world of Gen Z. You always ask us how we can make Gen Z fall in love with your brand, and we play Cupid. So, in our Valentines euphoria and guided by the 5 Love Languages, we put together a list of practical tips so you can totally have Gen Z’s hearts.

Tip #1: Talk to us like we talk to each other

We love a compliment, though not all compliments are created equal. Authenticity is key, so to talk to Gen Z, you need to speak our language and know where the language we use comes from


According to an EduBirdie study, Gen Z doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional ways many expect. Many of us are fearful of the idea of “settling.” We’ve been ghosted, can’t get past the “talking phase” and live in a digital world where a lot of relationships are surface level. So, we spend Valentine’s Day with our (single) friends!

talk to us, not about us.

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