Weekly Ztat – Sustainable Products

69% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that buying sustainable products was important to them, but only 33% of respondents felt those sustainable products were accesible.

Over half of respondents buy sustainable Food and Beverage options ‘often’ or ‘very often.’ Compared to clothing, beauty, and furnture products, Food and Beverage had the highest rate of consuming sustainable alternatives.

Steph Strickland

Steph Strickland is the Director of Research at JUV Consulting and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. At the age of 22 (aka her Taylor Swift year), she is working toward her Master’s in Media Science from Boston University. Steph is known for getting way too excited about well-organized spreadsheets (…it’s just so satisfying…) and will use her inquisitive nature to incorrectly guess your zodiac sign. Her favorite part of the job is connecting the science of data with the art of storytelling to spark something transformational.