What I Learned During my Summer Intern Experience at JUV

One of the hardest things for any young person to do is to find an internship that is right for them. Gen Zers are often told that we do not have enough experience to even land an internship. But here at JUV, I did not experience that at all.

As JUV’s first-ever summer intern, I had a sneak peek into the operations that make JUV run. Here are the top five reasons I recommend interning at JUV…

1. You will be in “the room where it happens.”

Today, young people struggle to be hired for entry-level jobs due to our “lack of experience.” (But isn’t that what entry-level jobs are for? I digress.)

But, after this internship, you won’t hear that excuse anymore. During my experience, I rotated between the People Operations, Project Operations, and Brand departments. Each department requires a different skillset, but are equally important in running a successful youth marketing company.

I would describe the work that I did as “foundational-plus”. From campaign ideation to interviewing potential hires, I was at the epicenter of “the room where it happens.” I collaborated with other Gen Zers for client work with huge brands like VSCO, which is an incredible opportunity for young people, especially interested in marketing.

2. You will learn to value your voice.

While at JUV, I knew that my feedback truly mattered. The opinions that I held were actually important to creating a final product for client work. Rather than be treated with skepticism as an “intern,” senior leaders never dismissed my voice. While working with Project Ops, I had the opportunity to shadow several client projects that actively encouraged me to speak up and take charge of what I had to say.

One of the most important parts of working with JUV was realizing how much influence we as young people have. Generation Z controls $143 billion in global spending power, and companies know it. So rather than cower in insecurity because of your age, embrace your youth! Let that guide what you have to say.

3. You will be encouraged to show up as your true self.  

One of the most important aspects of a workplace is that it is safe for everyone to exist, in whatever body they may inhabit. 

While interning here, you’ll learn quickly how dedicated the team is to its mission to create an equitable and accessible space. Everyone comes from different walks of life, free of judgment. The People Operations team has a dedicated Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging agenda that truly embeds itself into every facet of the work experience. You can go to work and feel comfortable being your authentic self.

4. You will receive mentorship from Senior Leadership.

Every leader at JUV is an expert in their field. This summer, they gave me the tools to do just as well.

From People Ops to Brand, I have learned how the gears of the JUV machine are oiled. My supervisors were dedicated to checking in on what skills I wanted to learn and allow me to execute projects in a very hands-on way. I had access to my team to ask questions about their disciplines and was able to learn from their own experiences.

5. You will make amazing friends along the way.

The one bow that ties the entire internship experience together is how close-knit the entire team is. 

In my two months here, I’ve met so many amazing people who are all so ready to be there for you. The community that is created here is strong. While everyone works hard, we laugh in meetings even harder. I truly would not have had my summer go any other way.

How can I get involved in JUV?

We just opened our Marketing Resident position specifically catered for high school graduates in a gap year looking for entry-level experience. This rotational program, similar to mine, will give you a glimpse into the Project Operations, Research, and People Operations teams. The 9-month program is now open — applications are due August 30, 2021 at 11:59PM ET.

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