The 5 Gen Z Female Leaders We’re Stanning

Today, we welcome Women’s History Month – a whole month to celebrate the little and big achievements that womxn are doing to keep our world turning and make the world a better place to live. While we may have the first female VP in the White House, there really is still work to be done.

As part of this year’s theme, we’re talking about womxn in leadership inching us towards true equality in a world that’s being reshaped by COVID. So, in this spirit of jubilation and reverie, here are just a handful of Gen Z women making our world more fair, equal and enjoyable.

Melati Wijsen / @melatiwijsen

Melati Wijsen started changing the world at the age of 12 after starting the Bye Bye Plastic Bags initiative with her sister in a mission to stop plastic pollution in their native Indonesia. After holding a day-long hunger strike, they secured a meeting with the Governor of Bali, and won landmark legislation banning single-use plastic on the island.

Most recently, Melati co-founded Youthtopia, an organisation established to empower and give young people to make change in their own way and in their own localities. Melati’s story even inspired Marion Cotillard to make a documentary, you don’t want to miss out what this Gen Zer does next.

Chelsea Miller / @thechelseamiller

Chelsea Miller is an activist that needs no long introduction. Having spoken at the March on Washington last year at the peak of the global Black Lives Matter protests, the same age at which civil rights icon John Lewis spoke at the same event no less, Chelsea has been advocating for a better world for Black people and racial equality.

Along with fellow activist Nialah Edari, Chelsea set up Freedom March NYC as a way to refocus the message of the BLM protest amidst the ridiculously negative coverage. Freedom March NYC has since developed into a youth protest and policy group with clear attainable goals for liberation. It’s no wonder the Financial Times named her as one of their Women of 2020.

Kassandra Pop / @honeyxmua

This Gen Zer’s name has been popping up in articles over the last few weeks as the social platform she’s been working on for years finally went viral. Hive Social is described as across between Instagram, MySpace and Spotify, this platform is breathing into the previously-stagnating social space just like TikTok did before it. Gen Z flocked to it like bees and catapulted to No.1 on the App Store.

Kassandra works with a very small team to keep the platform going, and even manages the platform’s social media feeds herself – a DIY Queen! She’s mega busy as there’s a new update every week to keep up with the growing popularity, but this CEO’s journey is one to watch. 

Olivia Frary / @olivia.frary

Olivia Frary is one of our own, and we’re not coy about the fact that she’s really making waves. After COVID hit, Olivia came together with friends to co-found COVID Community Care, an initiative to help frontline medical workers find child care as they battled the deadly virus. Starting off in Olivia’s native Coachella Valley, it has since branched out to cover networks across California, enlisted 400 volunteers and saved medical heroes more than $200k in childcare costs since March 2020. 

Olivia works with JUV as a Marketing Strategist, and writes for our blog, all while keeping up with coordinating this support. We stan a multi-tasking legend.

Sophia Kianni / @sophiakianni

Sophia Kianni is a Gen Zer who our parents would totally compare us to, her achievements to date are really impressive. Sophia founded her non-profit, Climate Cardinals, with a mission to smash the language barriers in articulating the challenge of climate devastation by translating vital information into 100+ languages. Since then, she’s been appointed by the UN to the Climate Change Youth Advisory group.

Sophia is now working with other young climate activists to lobby the Biden administration to build the crucial infrastructure to make good on his promises and put in motion meaningful moves to tackle the collective climate challenges we face.

Gen Z grew up in a world where any possibility was just a question of how, not if. These Gen Z women are taking up the mantle of change-making and reshaping the world in front of our eyes. Celebrate them, reach out to them and spotlight their efforts, you just can’t afford not to.

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