Trend University: The Gen Z Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Welcome to Trend University, your quick crash course on Gen Z trends, taught by Professor Sophia Delrosario, Insights Strategist. Last week, we danced to the Clap For Em trend, studied for AP exams, and prepped for Hot Vax Summer. (Missed last week’s lecture? Catch up!)

Here’s this week’s lecture about the latest TikTok videos, memes, and lifestyle trends!


Walking On Our Way Trend… “Baw Baw Baw” 

I’ve literally been singing this audio EVERY time I start walking somewhere. This catchy trend has people in a line, walking with a fun pose while referencing varying scenarios.


I can’t do the walk thing but anyways

♬ original sound – B TRAP 💋

Ugh, I hate people that work at the bank!

It’s a quite frequent trend for TikTok captions to slightly mimic the audio but discuss something else. This one is no different – people express their ‘hatred’ for something, before admitting to being the thing they really hate.


I still don’t like them tho 😅🤫

♬ Beach Bunny by Cloud 9 – Quinn

The day he left me was the day that I died.

Another hot transition trend! Users’ rotating camera work are put to the test as TikTokers show off their makeup looks from natural to glam.

Meme Culture

Prego Sauce on the Counter

A home cook went viral for dumping Prego tomato sauce, noodles, and meatballs directly on her kitchen counter, then mixed it, to serve to guests. That’s right: raw Prego and counter germs. A lovely housewarming meal! (The original video was taken down, so enjoy nachos instead…).

Clowning on Gabbie Hanna?

Many teens online express concern for singer and YouTube personality Gabbie Hanna, who has been acting strangely on Instagram Live. People claim that she’s trying too hard to be Trisha Paytas, another Internet star with a similar comedy style, and are mocking her ‘bad’ poetry.


‘Mother and Daughter’ Duo Finally Meet!

Olivia Rodrigo, the rising Gen Z pop star on everyone’s radar, meets her hero Taylor Swift at the BRIT Awards, and TikTok and Twitter rejoiced seeing their photo together.

SNL’s Problematic Take on Gen Z

The late-night show put out a sketch titled “Gen Z Hospital,” which was largely hit with backlash due to its poor usage of AAVE and overall, its cringe-worthy acting. It’s giving me very much “boomers didn’t do their research.” 

Joshua Bassett comes out with a beautiful song snippet!

The Disney star performed a lovely original song while opening up about his sexuality after gushing over Harry Styles in an interview. It was so casual and admirable, and we hope its visibility helps other young LGBTQ+ people feel more seen in the media!


Cottagecore is here to stay.

Last spring and summer, cottage core was all the rage – and it seems that trend has transcended into 2021! The whimsical nature aesthetic of having a picnic in a field with your friends, in flowery dresses and fruit platters, is still super desired amongst teens. 

Strawberry cardigans, corset tops, resin rings, oh my!

Some of the hottest pieces for the upcoming summer include embroidered pastel sweaters with daisies and various fruit on them, as well as patterned vintage corset tops to layer! Chunky, colorful resin rings are also super trendy now as well!

Asian style influencers who we totally love!

In honor of API month, here’s a mix of some iconic + on the rise lifestyle influencers to highlight: Sara and Avni (@iconicakes), Rebecca Ko (rebeccaxko), Nava Rose (@the.navarose on TikTok), Marissa Ren (@marstruck), Yuyan (@itsyuyann)

Current Events

Add your pronouns on Instagram! 

The social platform launched a new feature where users can add their pronouns to their profile. This is such a great step for inclusivity and embracing gender identity.

Eid Mubarak!

Ramadan comes to an end this week, as Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Fitr or the Festival of Breaking the Fast. Eid involves 2-3 days of celebrations consisting of special morning prayers.

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Sophia Delrosario is the Director of Insights at JUV. She is also the founder and executive director of Zenerations (@zenerations on Instagram).