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Ziad Ahmed is the Founder/CEO of JUV -- and is an American-Muslim student activist, entrepreneur, and speaker from Princeton, NJ. A junior at Yale University, Ziad has immersed himself deeply into the world of youth change-making. In the summer of 2013, Ziad founded redefy (www.redefy.org), which is an organization seeking to further equality.

His work has been commended by the likes of President Barack Obama personally (super surreal), PBS, and the Washington Post. MTV has even named him one of the Top Nine Teens Changing the World. Through his organization, Ziad has really found his voice as a quick-thinking advocate. In his community, he has taken it upon himself to engage with various non-profits/campaigns in order to affect tangible change (including advising for politicians). Ziad has given four TEDxTalks, written for publications such as Teen Vogue, and is always seeking to use his voice to provoke dialogue. For his work with JUV, he was named to Forbes 30Under30 at nineteen-years-old in the Marketing/Advertising category — and he has spoken everywhere from American Express to the Council on Foreign Relations to talk about our generation of memes and movements.

One can choose to read on (bore themselves) about the awesome opportunities Ziad has been able to experience at ziadtheactivist.comor to stay updated with him via his Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ziadtheactivist/), but really all you need to know about him is how much he believes in the endless capacity of our generation. He came up with the idea of JUV because he believes that Generation Z voice is profound, powerful, and profitable, and that no one should be sleeping on us.